TOP10 Benefits

TryAngle Blockchain Season1

TryAngle Event

  • Top10 participation in 3 basic events (including meet-up)

  • Top5 - attend 2 additional events     


*Creating and distributing teaser videos for each team

Pitching articles through

ET News media group

  • TryAngle Special Edition - Exclusive Articles / Interview / Event articles

  • Exposure of search engine

Publish report

  • Blockchain specialized research center for each team's summary report

  • Global professional media exposure via press release

Publicity synergies

  • Promote with worldwide blockchain professional media alliance

  • Extensions to online channels through each principal

Free listing of

TOP tier cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Free listing of BW and Bitforex, BIKI, OKEx Korea PICK teams

All teams in TOP10 are eligible for listing discounts.

Provide investment opportunities

  • Review by Ethereum Classic Labs + Crypto fund & VC

Support from global marketing companies

  • More than 100 + media disclosure in China

  • Channeling through WeChat, Tencent, Telegram, etc.


To support tryangle's participants


Open Accelerating Platform

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